{DISCUSSION} Are Writers more Empathetic?

Writers understand a wide variety of people and their emotions. Is that because they're more empathetic than non-writers? Join the discussion!

Days of Christmas, Guest Posts

In the air there’s a feeling of Christmas

Christmas brings a lot to mind: presents, family, food, but for Rachael it's the atmosphere. Something not quite tangible, but wonderful all the same! Read more about Christmas cheer and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Month of Thanks

Month of Thanks: Day 13

Day 13: Diversity I'm thankful for diversity in appearance, beliefs, and everything because a world made of identical, grey, nonchalant people would be boring. (I've read enough Dystopians to know that. ^.^) There are so many unique people on this planet. Each one is molded by their heritage, friends, environment, faith. Each one has their own opinions,… Continue reading Month of Thanks: Day 13