{DISCUSSION} Politics & Book Blogging

When our eyes are opened to the injustices around us, shouldn't we be allowed to talk about them? What about book bloggers? Should they be allowed to talk politics on their blog/social media?

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Flavia nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award back in '16! It only took me... like 9 months to get to this. Hahahaha! Better late than never, right? Check out my answers to her fun questions and see how I nominated!


Accidental Social Experiment

While I'm fascinated by the human mind and the way people operate, especially in regards to the internet, I don't usually run social experiments or post those things to Facebook asking you to do something specific if you actually read something. Why? Because I think they're silly. Maybe someone read it, but they don't like… Continue reading Accidental Social Experiment


Taking Over the Interwebs… Kind Of

I'm behind the game! That's right. While I have this blog and each post I publish is auto-updated to my Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, there are a lot of other outlets available to share my content with readers and writers alike. There are dozens of websites and apps nowadays which writers, bloggers, and authors are… Continue reading Taking Over the Interwebs… Kind Of