{DISCUSSION} Publication = Real Writer

"You can't talk about writing. You're not published," is something I have heard one too many times. But why? Let's discuss!


{DISCUSSION} Disney’s Supposed White-Washing

Why are so many Disney princesses Caucasian? Well, there is a very good explanation behind this. Let's discuss!


2018 Plans & Goals

A lot happened in 2017! Check it all out and see what's in store for 2018!

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Mirrors & Thorns Anthology Release Day!

OWS Ink's Mirrors & Thorns Anthology publishes today! Check out this collection of awesome dark fairytales!

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Calendar Girls September Wrap-Up!

Another successful month of Calendar Girls and some great book picks to prove it! Check out the books picked for Best Contemporary Novel!


{DISCUSSION} Are Writers more Empathetic?

Writers understand a wide variety of people and their emotions. Is that because they're more empathetic than non-writers? Join the discussion!



I think YA fiction has become just a little too happy for the circumstances in which it's written, and I think it needs to be darker. Read my thoughts and leave yours in the comments!

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Looking Forward to Christmas

For Lucy, Christmas is both a time to enjoy family, friends, and relaxation, but also a time to catch up on some much needed organization. Check out her top ten favorites of Christmas time and leave your thoughts in the comments!


Taking Over the Interwebs… Kind Of

I'm behind the game! That's right. While I have this blog and each post I publish is auto-updated to my Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, there are a lot of other outlets available to share my content with readers and writers alike. There are dozens of websites and apps nowadays which writers, bloggers, and authors are… Continue reading Taking Over the Interwebs… Kind Of

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Infinity Dreams Award 3.0

Goodness! People are really enjoying nominating me for this award, but that's okay because it's fun. I love answering questions. ^.^ It allows my readers an opportunity to get to know me better. That being said, I want to thank the spectacular Eve @ Eve Messenger's OtherWORDly Endeavors for nominating me for this award. ^.^ Eve's… Continue reading Infinity Dreams Award 3.0