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{DNF} Echoes by Alice Reeds

Oh god. ECHOES by Alice Reeds is a perfect example of why I hate the YA genre some days. Read why I DNFed it.

Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Shadows

The night air stole the sound. It yanked it from existence, silencing the darkness and leaving the shadows to their masquerade. Branches shook. Leaves trembled. Rustling filled the air. Silent shadows raced across the forest floor. They bounced off tree trunks. They dove under bushes. Their faceless heads poked around rocks and watched. Watched me. Dry wood clacked… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Shadows

World of Radiation


Continued from 'Blood Battling' Immobile, I lay in the dirt. Next to me Alice rasps each breath like it's difficult for her to breathe. I long to reach out and touch her, reach out and help her, but my hands don't move. My fingers don't even twitch. What's wrong with me? Movement catches my eye. A… Continue reading Dinner

Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Adrenaline

Bang! The sudden onslaught of noise bombarded my ears. Even before I was aware, my body reacted. Like lightning firing through my body, my nerves interacted, sending messages to my diaphragm. It clenched. The muscle contraction seared painfully like someone had set my insides ablaze. In milliseconds the tension eased. My lungs expanded to full capacity as… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Adrenaline

World of Radiation

Fatal Noise

Continued from 'Misdirection' My lungs burn from not breathing, but I dare not inhale nor exhale. I dare not make a sound as I hold the door with a white-fingered grip, inching it just enough to squeeze myself out from behind it. All the while, my eyes lock on his back. He stands before the window.… Continue reading Fatal Noise

Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: The Key

It was just a simple necklace. A black cord from which an old bronze key hung. It couldn't do any damage, right? It was just a beautiful trinket, which went perfectly with the dress I was wearing for the evening. So I tied it around my neck, took a glance in the mirror, and was… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: The Key

Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Christmas

A warm glow emanated from the twinkling lights. With the world outside still a backdrop of darkness, the Christmas tree shone like a beacon of hope. It cast its light about the living room. The small space danced to life with the glitter of the presents under the tree, the sheen of the white marble mantel… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Christmas