Japanese Food: Almond Butter Toast

Itadakimasu! Almond Butter Toast Mm! Mm! Now, this is a tasty treat and best part: it's for BREAKFAST! Who could possibly skip breakfast with this sitting in front of you? Well, I know I sure can't pass up almond butter toast, especially after trying it for the first time. Unfortunately, almond butter toast is only… Continue reading Japanese Food: Almond Butter Toast


Japanese Food: Taiyaki

Itadakimasu! Taiyaki Look! A fish! Isn't it cute?! Haha! I thought these little guys were adorable when I kept seeing them at the festival, but silly me saw 'fish' and thought 'meal'. Nope! It's a dessert! This little fishy is in fact an adorable, warm, fluffy pastry. But the best part? It's filled! (I love… Continue reading Japanese Food: Taiyaki


Japanese Food: Momiji Manju

Itadakimasu! Momiji Manju Momiji manju is a traditional omiyage, or souvenir/present, from Hiroshima. It is a cake baked in the shape of a maple leaf and most often has filling. Common fillings are made from bean paste and, in particular, the one I had was filled with adzuki bean(red bean) paste that was only lightly… Continue reading Japanese Food: Momiji Manju