Why does every dang YA novel have to have a romantic (sub) plot in it? Join me in discussing how damaging this really is.


{DISCUSSION} Scifi for Young Readers

It seems harder and harder to find scifi in books for younger readers? Are younger readers not interested in reading scifi? Join the discussion!


{DISCUSSION} Whiny A** Teens

Why do authors write whiny a** teenagers as their main character? Read my rant and join the discussion!


{DISCUSSION} ‘Young Adult’

Why are young adult books supposed to be geared towards teenagers when young adults can be in their early twenties, too? Discuss with me the ludicrousness behind young adult fiction.


Author Q&A with Merrie Destefano!

The amazing book, LOST GIRLS, was just published this year and I loved it! Now it's time to get to know the author, Merrie Destefano, in a fun interview!