Traveling Alone

Ohayo Gozaimasu! Traveling Alone Traveling is an amazing experience! You get to see new places, meet new people, taste new foods, and learn something you didn't already know. With these experiences being so vital to molding us and opening our eyes, we often like to share these experiences with other people. Friends travel together. Significant… Continue reading Traveling Alone


Himeji Castle

Ohayo Gozaimasu! Himeji Castle After having been in Himeji, Japan for over two weeks, I finally got a chance to visit, explore, and be amazed by the wonder that is Himeji castle. Hundreds of years of culture in one building. And it was nothing like visiting a European castle with the rooms full of furniture,… Continue reading Himeji Castle



Hi there everyone! 😀 I'm so excited to tell all of you the amazing news! Some of you may know this already, but most of you do not. So, I'm making a formal announcement: I'm traveling to Japan & S.Korea! Yes, that is my reaction! I'm freaking out right now! I'm so gosh darn excited… Continue reading Traveling!