{DISCUSSION} Fiction Rating System

Books have violent, gruesome, disturbing content and while movies & video games have warnings, books do not. Should this change? Join the discussion!


Discussion Highlights: Trigger Warnings

Missed last week's discussion on trigger warnings in fiction? No worries! Here's the highlights and a sneak peek of next week's topic!


{DISCUSSION} Trigger Warnings

Tragic, brutal, disturbing things happen in real life. Many of these are reflected in fiction, but the readers are not often warned of such scenes. Is that right? Should more books be given trigger warnings?


{DISCUSSION} Violence in Fiction (may contain triggers)

Violence happens in the world, and I'm all for fiction mirroring reality. Yet, I wonder when fiction goes too far. How much violence should be allowed in fiction, particularly YA?

Book Reviews, DNF

{DNF} Royal Replicas by Michael Pierce (ARC)

DNF: Royal Replicas by Michael Pierce Read more about why I could NOT finish this book and why you should avoid it.