SUBMERGED is a young adult science fiction novel.

Freja first experienced a claustrophobic attack when her aunt was sentenced to death. Still plagued by the memory, Freja dives into the planet-wide ocean to escape the constant torment of her underwater home. Too bad the o-mask doesn’t protect her from the toxicity of the water. Or from her dead aunt’s voice.

Freja thinks she’s imagining it until her dead aunt leaves messages on her task screen warning of sabotage and murder. When she overhears the cloister leader whispering about the same things behind closed doors, Freja searches for evidence. She abhors the cloister, but she won’t stand idle while something — or someone — attacks her home. It is, unfortunately, still the only habitable place left on the planet.

To assist her, Freja recruits her best friend and partner-in-crime: Markus. He helps unravel their leader’s secrets until an accident puts him in a coma. He may know the last piece of information needed to expose the truth and rescue their home, but the cloister leader refuses to heal him. To save Markus and protect the cloister, Freja will have to break stricter laws than ever before. But, in doing so, she’ll risk death by removal from the cloister. Just like her dead aunt.

I am currently seeking representation for this novel.
If interested, please contact me at: noellbell {at} hotmail {dot} com