Mirrors & Thorns: A collection of dark fairy tales…
Inheritance by Melanie Noell Bernard
October 25, 2017

Eireann’s great-great-great grandmother disappeared generations ago, which left the sprawling family estate unoccupied. As the last living relative, the estate now belongs to Eireann. But this city girl wants nothing to do with an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. Still, she decides to check out her inheritance before she hands it over to the city council for demolition. However, one night in that crumbling, decrepit house may be all it takes for Eireann to discover the truth about her family history.

Drabbledark: A collection of 100-word stories…
Dirge by Melanie Noell Bernard
July 20, 2018
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A dirge is a lament for the dead often found in musical form.


Michigan’s Emerging Writers: Fiction
Her Majesty by Melanie Noell Bernard
August 12, 2018
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A young queen’s daily routine is thrown into destructive, violent chaos when a new, untrained servant makes one too many mistakes. Or at least… that’s how it seems.

Glass & Ashes: A collection of Cinderella re-tellings…
My Darling Pumpkin by Melanie Noell Bernard
November 15, 2018
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On the eve of the royal ball, a witch visits Ella and offers her a deal. In exchange for a night of blissful freedom at the ball, Ella will serve the witch for eternity. Ella accepts the deal. Finally free from her step-mother’s tyranny, all Ella needs to do now is enjoy herself and return to the pumpkin carriage by midnight. But Ella didn’t account for falling in love. When she misses her deadline and the witch does not drag her away, Ella believes she is free. Rather, the only thing keeping Ella’s life from the clutches of an enraged, double-crossed witch, is a fragile, delicious-looking pumpkin.

America’s Emerging Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers: Michigan and Ohio
Necklace by Melanie Noell Bernard
May 21, 2019
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To appease her stern, traditional grandmother, a young woman selects one of her grandmother’s necklaces to wear to a nice dinner. Little does the young woman know, there’s a reason her grandmother never wore it.

America’s Emerging Suspense Writers: Michigan and Ohio
We Have Guests by Melanie Noell Bernard
May 21, 2019
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A young couple has found the home of their dreams: an ancient, dilapidated structure set far away from town, but no one will sell it to them. The locals claim it’s haunted. Never having put stock in such hooey, the two wander inside the home in hopes of discovering a piece of the past, but they find far more than forgotten belongings.


Michigan’s Emerging Writers: Nonfiction
Publication = Real Writer by Melanie Noell Bernard
August 13, 2018
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Writers are too often told they aren’t ‘real writers’ until they’re published, but why? Who set this standard? Read my essay on why publication has nothing to do with being a writer.