New Years Resolutions

Keri’s 2016 New Years Resolutions

Hi, Keri here!  I am a blogger at Never Enough Books and obviously, I love books! My blog is very new but I enjoy having the opportunity to meet people like me because, apparently, none exist in my town! Ok, maybe I just have not met them as we are fairly new to the state we live in. I am also a mother of two children – a boy, 11 and a girl, 10. I have been a stay-at-home-mom their entire lives and have just started working for our school district part-time.

I have three main resolutions this year in relation to my book life and one for life in general.  I really try not to make too many so I can really concentrate on being successful!

1. Read the entire Game of Thrones series. I have wanted to do this for years but have always been intimidated. No more! While I watch the show, I know the books will be so much better!

2. I will no longer force myself to finish a book I don’t like.  75 pages is my limit! Period. And I refuse to feel guilty about it!

3. I will make my blog a success. By my definition of success of course. I am not interested in making money or being well-known but I do want to produce something that people enjoy. I want it to be a place I can talk about my love of books, meet new people and hopefully help them discover new books.

and lastly,

4. This is the most important one…I am going to be HAPPY! Happy for me, by me. It is such a small, seemingly easy thing that alludes too many people.

Happy New Year everyone!

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