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Discussion Highlights: Prequels

Last Week’s Discussion:

I’ve been seeing a lot of prequels popping up in the bookish world as of late and it got me wondering: is this a new trend? If so, I’m not really sure I like it because they seem more like a money-grab capitalizing on a good series than anything else. But let’s see what the discussioners have to say.

Pam said:

“I have never read a prequel that I found necessary. They always seem like a ploy to cash in on something that was successful, and never, ever meet my expectations.”

Trent said:

“For the most part I agree. […] I hate prequels that have that group existing in its entirety before, forever set in stone. That have them as kids together is even worse.”

Rae said:

“I see what you mean here, I think you’ve said before that you feel the same way about novellas right? If it wasn’t originally included in the series then what’s the point. I think for me, I don’t mind them (maybe even like them) because I don’t read a series until it’s 100% complete.”

Imani-Amour said:

“You’re right, these prequels are often times like just unnecessary extra info that was just a chore to buy and read. Or, like pamlingelbach said, they don’t even live up to the expectations from the first book. “

Adam said:

“I tend to agree with you. I think prequels are often done as a way of squeezing more money out of a fictional property after the original has established itself as a success, and I think that kind of “afterthought prequel” is exactly what leads to problems.”

Jessica said:

“I actually AM one of those weird people who fall madly in love with characters and obsess over knowing every factoid about them, however your point is definitely intriguing where the ‘prequel’ is concerned. I tend to buy up every book in a series I love mostly to say ‘I have every book in the series’ however I have found prequels to be quite a let down.”

Sea Reads said:

“Are there prequels that are mostly to milk a successful series for all it’s worth? Sure. But there is also plenty of room out there for thoughtful, companion-style prequels out there. “

Techie said:

“I can definitely see the point of view that prequels are just a quick money grab. I’d agree that some certainly are but heck, the so-called “reboots” are much worse if you ask me. Personally, I think there’s more to it than that. A prequel is by definition a story that precedes an existing work. Does that make a story bad? Sometimes, sometimes not.”

Danielle said:

“I think maybe prequels are not necessary and certainly understand how they feel more like a money tactic to any, but I don’t care haha. If I am really into a series, I always want more. Even the little stuff. So are they important or needed? Maybe not. Do I want and enjoy? Yes please!”

Darque Dreamer said:

“I usually feel the same about prequels. I think its confusing to try to add to the beginning of a story. I did, however, enjoy the prequel, Escape From Asylum, in the Asylum series by Madeleine Roux.”

Wow! I think this is the most discussioners I’ve ever had and I’m so amazed and happy! I also love the variety of opinions from both sides of the fence: those who have and those who have not read prequels. It seems most people agree with me in that prequels aren’t nearly as quality-filled as main books of the series, but there might be a few exceptions out there. Too bad there isn’t a trick to finding them! :p

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