Discussion Highlights: Review Re-Do

Last Week’s Discussion:
Review Re-Do

Having just reached my 2-year blog-o-versary, I’ve taken some time to reflect on my blog and how it’s grown over since I began, particularly in regards to how I write book reviews. They’ve changed A LOT! It’s kind of insane how much, but then again so has my blog. But that makes me wonder: as I change everything else to match the new personality of my blog, do I change my old reviews to match, too? What did the discussioners think?

James said:

“I love the the concept. Sometimes style and taste change. This is a great way to show that, depending on if you do or don’t reread. Plus you learn as you go.”

B.L. said:

“You could just do a new review and label it ” review 2017″ and then link to the original in the new one, with a short note on why you liked the book enough to reevaluate it.”

Rae said:

“I never thought about re-doing reviews but I feel like I would only do it if I reread the book. If it’s a book I read forever ago, I know I won’t remember the details, but I also don’t reread often.”


“When I first write a review, I read over it and realize it sounds too bland. This happens every time! As if I’m trying to be professional. I feel no personality while reading it. So I add myself into it, then feel satisfied later on. I have a constant struggle between what a review should sound like and making it sound like it’s my own. Works out in the end though.”

Sophie said:

“I never re wrote a review. I don’t have a “style” as I can be super structured or rant or joke or… depending on my mood, the inspiration, etc. I could not rewrite a review as I forget about book details very fast. That’s why I always write my review before reading any other book or it would be “polluted”.”

Sophie Li said:

“I completely agree that our reviewing style and taste in books change as we read more and review more books! Personally I’m all for editing or rewriting reviews, with a few caveats:
If editing a review: state what is changed and reason for change
If rewriting a review: best to do so if we’ve just reread the book, as opposed to rewriting a review of a book we’ve read 2 years ago”

Alex said:

“i guess that in the future i will get to the point were i want to write my reviews in a different style and then think about my old reviews. but i am not sure if i would rewrite them. i mean, at the time i wrote them, that was what i felt so i think that shouldn’t change. but who knows?”

Angela said:

“My early posts are so different (they’re short, vague, and horribly amateurish) and so for me I might go back in and re-shape them a bit so that they’re a bit less embarrassing and a bit more informative, but for the most part I sort of leave them where they are”

It seems I’m not the only one to have given this some thought. A few others have thought about re-reviewing books from years past, but the real question is: is it worth it? First off, you likely have to re-read the book to re-review it and every bookworm knows how time-consuming that is. And then you have to decide it you want to edit your previous review or just write a brand new one and it can almost be more hassle than it’s worth, especially if you like looking back at your old review and reflecting. After all, what happens if you change your style in another two years? :p

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‘Young Adult’

13 thoughts on “Discussion Highlights: Review Re-Do”

  1. Oops, I missed this yet again! Sorry, I’ve been pretty busy lately and still trying to catch up on all my favourite blogs. 😅

    I don’t do book reviews so I can’t really comment from that perspective, but I can comment from a different yet similar perspective! Like your old reviews situation, sometimes I get that itch to do an entire overhaul on something and plan to spend xxx hours to re-do the old stuff so that they’ll all be perfectly aligned and match my current skill level! But often I realise it’s a lot of work that takes me away from doing new stuff because despite my big bang plans, hey, I still have only the same number of hours a day, and I end up just leaving the old stuff alone as they are. This happened to me a few times, mostly with those survival build-a-base kind of video games (think Minecraft). 😅

    That said, I think leaving your old reviews as they are can be a good thing; it shows how much your skills have grown since then! Kind of like our currently-cringe-worthy first novels. 😆

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    1. It’s okay. I miss posts all the time and life gets busy. I totally understand. (Secret: I’ve barely been managing to get all my posts out on time, much less read anyone else’s blog. Oops!)

      BAHAHAHAHA! Very true. But I would like to revise and re-write my cringe-worthy first novel. :p Though, I don’t have time for that either. Hahahha! So, I guess it’ll sit on the backburner with my old book reviews until I become a millionaire and have time to devote to things that probably are better off left alone and would be a better use of my time to focus on new things. :p But who knows. MAybe some day I’ll have a random amount of time and energy to waste.

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      1. Haha, so your secret is out! 😆

        Personally I’d like to rewrite my first novel too! Here’s to hoping we’ll have random amount of time and energy to do that and other things. 😀

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  2. As I don’t really do book reviews as such, I may not be the best bookworm to comment on this. However, I see book reviews a bit like blog posts – they evolve over time and it’s kind of cool to follow the process. If you ask me, it’s much more interesting to follow someone if you can see that they’re evolving. It also helps newbie (ish) bloggers like me because we see there’s hope that one day our book reviews/blog posts will actually (well, hopefully) be super amazing.

    Of course, if you suddenly find that you absolutely love a book that you only gave one star in a past review, you could do another one and link to the old one – as B.L. also mentioned. Otherwise, I would let it be 😊

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    1. Awww! There is always hope, Andrea, and I see the evolution more as finding your blogging voice than really improving or becoming amazing. Very few people start off as amazing bloggers. There’s TONS of trial and error and people have a lot of testing to find out what they want to do and what they like. Like trying new foods or new sports or something. You gotta see what’s right for you and that takes time and you, of course, have to do it on your blog. :p Can’t do it behind the scenes. Doesn’t really work. Hee hee!

      Blogging is really all a matter of being happy with what you have and what you put out. There is no ‘amazing’ or ‘right.’ It’s about you. As long as you are happy and you enjoy what you do that’s all that matters. Took me a bit to figure that one out on my own, personally, but I did realize what I enjoy about blogging and I have found ways to maximize that and limit other things. 🙂

      Mm. I don’t re-read so that last bit doesn’t work. Hahahahaha! I barely have time to just read. :p


    1. Oh, yeah! I totally agree. I barely have time to keep up with new blog posts and book reviews. Ain’t no way I’m gonna find time to go BACK and re-do them. Bahahaha! I mean, maybe I got paid to blog or something, but that’s not gonna happen. :p


  3. I’ve never contemplated re-doing my older reviews before. It’s definitely an interesting concept because there are some I’d rather pretend I never wrote in the first place lol
    With that being said, I probably wouldn’t do it. Not only because it’s time consuming (like you mentioned) and — as a faithful book nerd — I have too many NEW books on the TBR to go back and re-read AND rewrite old ones, but also the evolution is part of the fun. If we were to delete or rewrite we wouldn’t get to see those cringe worthy moments that display our improvements. That’s just my thoughts, but I think it’s an intriguing idea!

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    1. Hahaha! That is very true. I like the idea of being able to look back and go: “Nope! Never again! Don’t regress! Don’t do it!” Hahahaha! So, in that regard you are absolutely right. It’s a way to reflect and learn and evolve as we evolve in our own personalities and blogging ways. :p And the time thing. Hahahahaha!

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