Discussion Highlights: Time Travel

Last Week’s Discussion:
Time Travel

Being the scifi geek that I am (and absolutely sucking at physics), time travel has been one of those fictional elements that I both love and stay 100 miles away from. It’s so dangerous. It’s so volatile. It’s so unpredictable and with different rules in different worlds and even different genres. What’s more, some of the standard rules are just kind of dumb. But let’s see what everyone else thinks about time travel, shall we??

Sophie said:

“Now I’m with you about the change in the past affecting our present. Seems only logical to ma. But honestly I don’t like the time travel trope in general and tend to avoid these books. / Don’t see yourself. Really? Why not? I disagree too with this one.”

Alexandra said:

“Best ever time-travel novel? The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers; 1983 to 1802, with some of the most amazing/bizarre characters you can come across.”

Craig said:

“Personally, it would all be about me and I would know what stock to invest in when I returned. Me, me, me, and if it’s required, burn baby burn.”

Staci said:

“Writing about moving through time, what one can learn, what the ramifications are of potential change… It was all so much fun to consider and create. I almost don’t care what the scientific and cosmic rules are. If your story can support your version of the rules, then it will be a fun one.”

Rosie Amber said:

“I like the idea that we’ve all been here several times before, so I’d like to do some time travel to see who I was in other life times. […] I think I like time travel more as a fantasy theory than the complications of real world science.”

Deanna said:

“All that being said, I would love to time travel. And if I could time travel I would go back in time to the Revolutionary War period and have a fist fight with James Madison. Not because I have anything against him, but because he was like 5 foot tall and 90 pounds and I think I could take him. Then he would have to live the rest of his life knowing he had gotten beaten up by a lady.”

Ali said:

“I love time travel in books and movies but thinking too hard about it seriously fries your brain particularly in terms of the whole paradox thing.”

Deanna Wiltshire said:

“I love the concept and idea of time travel. […] In fiction, time travel is a doable concept but in reality… it wouldn’t work out well. The world has changed so much from the past that we could get sick from anything, not to mention we could bring something back in time with us that the world at that time isn’t prepared to deal with. The same point goes with travelling into the future… the idea of which is awesome but the reality of it is just terrifying.”

Nicolle said:

“Wow, time travel. While I like the concept, I tend to shy away from time travel stories because of how complicated it can get… like, what if we time travelled back 1,000 years in time, accidentally stepped on the red ant that would have bitten someone who should have been a bodyguard that day and his less-competent replacement should have let an assassin through to a renowned king?! And all because we stepped on that one red ant, the king didn’t die and we changed the course of history! “



Wow! There are so many options for time travel out there both popular and not as well known, but it’s clear that time travel is everywhere. In fact, some of the discussioners have written their own stories about time travel. Mad props to them. I wouldn’t touch time travel with a thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot pole. :p But even while time travel may be confusing, there is definitely some love for the story element and it’s not going away any time soon. :p

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