Discussion Highlights: Artificial Intelligence

Last Week’s Discussion:
Artificial Intelligence

This is a conversation I’ve had before back when I hosted Dare to Discuss with a fellow blogger, Lilyn. We discussed in respects to the book I, ROBOT, but I kind of really love this topic and seeing as it’s constantly coming up in modern day media and tech, it seems like an appropriate topic to discuss again. Right? Maybe? Haha! Well, let’s see what the discussioners had to say, shall we?

Lilyn said:

“What about the 3 laws? IF we can hardwire in the inability to harm humans?

What about chemistry? Brain chemistry is responsible for a lot of human behaviors. If we could somehow encode similar “digital chemistry” as it were.”

Trent said:

“There are different levels of AI and we are already seeing quite a bit of it. Will it ever get to the point of “machine sentience”? Scary thought. I’m with you on most of it. We need to have limits.”

Craig said:

“You’ve identified the reasons why they make such great stories. Your line of thought leads to stories like The Terminator. […] We have versions of AI with us now. Think about FB and Amazon’s famous algorithms. Humans aren’t placing people in FB jail, or removing book reviews.”

Kathryn said:

“I’m not well-versed in the ways of AI, but from where I’m sitting, the subject is one of great concerns if, for no other reason, than the fact that someone or “someones” are programming these robots. This means these robots are computing and processing based on the information they’ve been given. Countries, companies, organizations are filled with people making decisions based on agendas and worldview.”

Candy said:

“I find AI and its potentially enormous place in our future society a fascinating subject. It’s almost creepy because of all the movies which showed us the future with the incorporation of AI, years before it actually happened. I think in the distant future AI will become very important in society and could even be used to make big decisions since we are too greedy, selfish and egotistical for the most part to make the right ones! (World governments, I’m talking about you!) “

Angela said:

“In general the idea of true artificial intelligence makes me nervous. I’m not talking basics like a computer or a Roomba vacuum or a robo-dog, but like legit I-hold-the-power-of-the-future-in-my-wiring. I mean if they’re cool like Rosie from The Jetsons then alright I can be down with that but in general yeah it makes me really nervous. As you pointed out true A.I. will be faster, smarter, and void of the cloud of emotions that color humans’ every thought and action. Not to mention they’re programmed to perfect, which is a threat against humans as we are utterly imperfect creatures with constantly clashing opinions and beliefs. And who programs them in the first place? By what guidelines will it deem perfection? Oh the debate is endless…”


Well, it seems that this still up for debate and what we really need to clarify is what level of artificial intelligence we are talking about. After all, certain levels of A.I. exist today in regards to algorithms that show you adds. Soon there will be A.I. in your car that can detect if you’re too close to someone and apply the break. But how far will it go? When we will say ‘enough is enough?’ That is what I ask you.

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