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The Infectious Christmas Spirit

advent19A lot of people wonder, I imagine, what people who don’t celebrate Christmas do during the festive season, because it’s such a  big part of the western culture. I mean the preparations literally start 2 months before! As a Muslim living in London, I would probably say I do the same thing you do! I may not celebrate the actual day, have a Christmas tree and stockings, but I still feel like I am a part of it!

When I was younger I used to take part in plays, (my performance was absolutely mortifying looking back at it!) and every time the Christmas season begins to approach I can’t help but feel festive! I see it just as I feel festive when fall approaches, there are different things to look forward to!

The first thing being everyone’s good mood! Oh my God everyone is so civil, happy, giving but also excited for the celebrations to come! And of course the three week holiday we get! You would think I celebrate Christmas with how many times I start counting down to it just to know when my holiday starts! Not to mention the christmasy films, I’ve literally watched Home Alone about 20 times!

I also love the thought that people put in giving presents, the struggles they go through, to find that perfect gift that would put a smile on their loved ones faces! It brings out the best in everyone, people stop concerning themselves with what they want and start thinking about how can make a family/friends experience better.

Hi guys! My name’s Eman I’m a 19 year old student from London. I run a book blog called Abooknation where I basically ramble on books, falling for fictional characters and other bookish things! I just wanted to thank Melanie for allowing me to guest post on her blog 🙂
Twitter : @abook_nation
log : A Book Nation


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