Calendar Girls

Calendar Girls Update!

Flavia and I created our monthly blogging event, Calendar Girls, as a means to incite bookish discussions among bloggers. It started out great! However, participation has dropped a little since we started back in January, which means it may be time to make some adjustments. But these aren’t adjustments just for us, but for you! Our fellow bloggers!

So, we took to Twitter to get some feedback from the lovely bloggers and we are so excited about the wonderful suggestions we got. Without further ado, here are a few changes we’re making to improve Calendar Girls!

1) Wednesday –> Monday!

Flavia and I originally picked the 1st Wednesday of the month to be launch day because it worked for both of us. However, due to some other items we’ll be implementing into Calendar Girls, we’re changing launch day to the 1st Monday of the month. (This will begin in May!) Also, newsletters will go out last Monday of the month instead of the last Wednesday to ensure you still have a one week reminder.

2) #CGBChat

While launch posts have been great and many bloggers have taken to commenting on each others’ book picks, interaction is still at a minimum. We want to change that. We want to offer another opportunity for you all to chat with each other about books, the theme, and your picks.

To do that we’re going to be hosting a Twitter chat on the 3rd Monday of the every month at 7pm EST. (Our first one will be held on Monday, April 17th!) We invite everyone to join us on the hashtag to chat with other Calendar Girls (& Guys) about their bookish picks and we will be providing a discussion question or two to get the party started! 😀

3) Vote for the theme!

Many of our participants thought it would be cool if you all could pick the monthly theme instead of Flavia and I picking. That’s great! We love the idea and will implement it immediately! Starting on the 3rd Monday of the month (same day as #CGBChat), we will open up a poll with two theme options. You will have one week to vote for your favorite theme. Whichever theme gets the most votes will be chosen and revealed in mine and Flavia’s launch posts!

4) Best of the Month

Up until now Flavia and I have been selecting our favorites from your picks, but that hardly seems fair. No one cares which books are our favorites. :p Rather, we want to know your favorites, which means we’ll be hosting an additional poll (that will be combined with the theme poll so you can do them at the same time) with a list of the book picks for the month. Just select your favorite and we will post the winner in the monthly newsletter!

I know that was a lot! Haha! But Flavia and I want to make Calendar Girls as blogger friendly as we can, which includes tweaking items to your interests and making it more interactive. We thank everyone who offered us feedback! We wouldn’t be able to improve without you and we hope that everyone continues to participate in Calendar Girls as 2017 continues!

P.s. An extra newsletter will be going out on Monday, April 17th that will act as a reminder of all of these updates and will include links to the theme and best of the month polls! Sign up for the monthly newsletter here!


6 thoughts on “Calendar Girls Update!”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the changes. While I loved your ladies’ choices for the original event, I think this will be some very cool additions. I think the chat will be so much fun, and the polls will definitely be very cool. I had a big poll addiction a while ago, so it will definitely satisfy that. Can’t wait to see these new additions in action (although I will sadly have to miss this upcoming chat since I have something already booked for that time although I should be there for all the next one!!) Wonderful job, and you ladies do such a wonderful job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww! Thank you so much! We wouldn’t be able to do anything if it weren’t for you! 😊 And no worries that you can’t make it. We understand not everyone may have Monday nights available, but have fun with whatever you’re doing instead! 😄


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