Discussion Highlights: Blacklisting Authors

Last Week’s Discussion:
Blacklisting Authors

Not everyone author is amazing. Not every author is for every reader. As such, not every reader should have to read every book by every author and perhaps they even make a list of authors they just don’t have time for. That’s what’s called a Blacklist and I think many readers have one, whether physical, consciously, or subconsciously. There are books/authors they won’t touch. At least… that’s the way it is for me. Shall we check in with the discussioners?

Tanja said:

“I think it’s ok to create one’s own blacklist, but a book reviewer should not share his or her list with the reading public.”

Ali said:

“Oh I totally have a blacklist of authors I just won’t read. Often it’s not even that the book was bad, there are a few highly praised authors on there, they just aren’t for me. One in particular everyone seems to love but I read one of his most praised books and hated it (never been so bored or cared so little) so I’ve blacklisted all of his books.”

Angela said:

“If their book was a DNF or I just really hated it then I won’t be reading more of their books. I don’t have time to waste on books that I don’t enjoy. But if it was just okay yet entertaining then I’ll probably give them another chance to really impress me. (This is when Goodreads and the book blogs really come in handy 😉 )”

B.L. said:

“I rarely read a second book by an author if I really hate the first. If it’s just a dud by someone I’ve read and enjoyed before, I’ll give them a second chance. I find the landscape these days is cluttered with mediocre books. I’d rather read something I love, or something I hate the message of (but that’s well written) than be bored. Mediocrity is the easiest way for me to “black list” authors by simply forgetting about them.”

Sophie said:

“Well honestly it rarely happen to me. Either I’m easy to please (LOL) aither I choose wisely. I don’t know. If I did not like the book at all the first time I won’t come back for a second though 😉”

Trent said:

“I have far too little time to read. If I don’t like a book by a new (to me) author, I won’t start another. I don’t make a written list, but it is there in my mind. I might try another book if it is highly recommended by people I trust. But there are so many good books out there, why risk it?”

Alex said:

“well, for me it’s pretty simple. if i didn’t like a book by an author and i struggle through it, i probably won’t pick up another book by that author. i don’t even know, if that ever happened, because so far, i didn’t dnf a book 😱”

David said:

“I’ve been there more times that I can count. So, yes, I’ve black listed a few and I won’t read them again, no matter what. There are SO many other books I want to read and there is NEVER enough time. Why should I waste my time when I have so many authors I LOVE to read. […] Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. 🙂”

Rae said:

“Authors that I’ve blacklisted include […]. Not sorry. I don’t have time for pointless plots, main characters that I hate and bullshit romances.I’d rather sell my soul to the Demon Lord than read anything by any of them ever again.”

J.R. said:

“I tend not to read to many books by the same author close together. I worry that if I do, I’ll identify a pattern in their writing style that make the stories easier to predict. […] But in doing this, I tend to forget if the same author wrote something I didn’t like, and then can’t tell if I don’t like that author or if it’s just not a story I like. Although now that I blog about books, perhaps I’ll be able to keep track better”

J.W. said:

“You want the Mariana’s Trench. That’s the deepest one they know of. It’s near Japan. I’ve put a book down there. Oh, yes. One that I finished, and hated myself for finishing…”

Sophie Li said:

“If I didn’t like a book by an author, I will likely not read another one of their books, just because there is a high chance that I won’t like another book by them- […] If I’ve generally liked an author’s books but there is just one book that I don’t like, then I will more likely continue to read their books 🙂 “

Evie said:

“I do have a list of authors that I scroll over because I know their books aren’t ones I’ll enjoy. Then of late, I’ve found it even easier to DNF them. I really don’t have time to waste. So I’ve gotten into a rhythm of “do I like it? yes or no” early on and don’t hesitate to DNF and delete from my kindle right then and there.”

Deanna said:

“Other authors, even if the first book I read by them may not be the greatest, I will give them another chance. I don’t want to write off an author completely because of a bad editor or a bad book. Like you said it can improve over time. I may be more hesitant to buy their book and I may borrow it instead just in case I don’t like it. It’s more bad behavior of an author that turns me away from them than their books. “

Nicolle said:

“If I at least somewhat enjoyed the book, I could overlook some problems. If I can’t even read it to the end because of writing style I didn’t like / characters I hated / gigantic plot holes / etc, then I might blacklist the author. I already have so many hobbies and so little time, so I don’t want to spend that precious time reading something I know I’m very likely not to enjoy because I didn’t like the previous book.”

Well, it would seem that there is still some debate as to whether you should blacklist an author or not and, more importantly, whether or not to share said blacklist. The key thing to remember is we aren’t expected to like every book. Everyone has different tastes and preferences and not every book will fit. That being said, I think an excellent point was brought up. If you do blacklist an author/post a negative review, do not attack the author. That is unprofessional, inappropriate, and extremely unnecessary. You, as a book blogger, are reviewing their book and should stick to the book. We are not the tabloids or gossip columns and should not act as such. Please show some decorum…. >.> More than I show in negative reviews. *cough*

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