{DISCUSSION} Emotional Responses: Anger

What, in a book, makes you angry?

Two weeks ago we chatted about what scene, character, event in a book could make a person cry. For me, not a whole lot. However, I know PLENTY of books that have made me angry and they’ve all made me angry for vastly different reasons. Shall I explain?

Well, of course, I should explain! 😉

I mean, honestly, what’s a discussion without
someone spouting their beliefs in a forceful, aggressive manner.

1) I get angry because the book is AWFUL!

I mean… duh! Pretty sure everyone that follows, reads, or even happens to glance (and then quickly flee from) my blog knows how angry I can get because a book is bad. Bad books are unacceptable. I don’t care if they’re meant for adults, young adults, or children, a bad book is a bad book. And it’s inexcusable and we need to call the publishing industry out on it. (I read partially to broaden my mind. Not lose brain cells on poorly written, vapid, repeat story-lines. Kay, thanks.😠)

2) I get angry because the characters are being dumb/stubborn/ (insert other similar adjective here.)

Let’s be honest. One of the reasons conflict often exists in books (and reality) is the inability for one of the parties in a confrontation to budge. That could honestly be our MC or (more often than not) it’s the antagonist (because we could NEVER root for the antagonist… 😒) The antagonist may even go out of their way to make our MC look like a total flaming idiot by calling them out publicly, making them seem like a pathological liar, thus ostracizing them from society.

This is all well and good. HOWEVER, it is hardly ever explained WHY the antagonist is being so stubborn/thick-headed/etc. (And that whole ‘age begets wisdom, you’re too young for your elders to take seriously’ bullshit needs to stop.) I get angry because there is NO reason WHY the antagonist/elders/whatever should not believe/support/etc the MC and yet they do anyway. THIS is what makes me angry. 😡

3) I get angry when the MC contradicts themselves. (A LOT!)

Consistency is key when writing a story. We can’t have a character doing one thing and then suddenly doing the opposite thing without any justification for the change. If they do want to do the opposite thing, that’s called character development and it doesn’t happen overnight, people. People change slowly. They are altered by their world and their interactions and their ideologies alter bit by bit not wholesale.

Yet, what’s worse is when the character bounces back and forth between opposite sides/viewpoints of said thing, which literally means that the MC has NO personality and is spending a good portion of the novel CONTRADICTING THEMSELVES! And we all know what this means, ladies and gents. (If you don’t), it means… that the author didn’t take the time to EDIT THEIR FREAKING NOVEL!!!

DISCLAIMER: If you don’t have the time to edit your novel, then I sure as HELL don’t have time to read it! 😤
*rage quit*


4) I get angry when authors use cheap writing techniques.

Yes. This is a thing. Yes. I am severely critical. Yes. I am totally biased (because I’m a writer.) There are, in fact, quite a few story-telling elements that are considered to be cheap. They are, in my opinion, cop outs because rather than finding a way to tell the story in a nice, stream-line fashion, authors find easier, cheaper ways to inform the reader of something. Most commonly used…


I could have an ENTIRE post on just HOW MUCH I LOATHE/ABHOR/DETEST flashbacks. They are the CHEAPEST, most PATHETIC, form of writing and should honestly just be banned at this point! If you have to spend a chapter or even a few pages re-iterating something that happened to a character in the past, then you either a) started your story in the wrong place or b) were too lazy to find another way to write that information in. I’m not even sorry for calling this shit out. Don’t do it! (I’ve done it and I smashed my head into a wall as punishment, you know, after fail-querying.)

Another really cheap writing technique that is too often utilized (and more importantly, wrongly utilized), would be multiple POVs. Now, I am biased. I personally do NOT like multiple POVs. In my experience, it’s a fail more often than a success. Yet, what really bothers the HELL out of me is when an author utilizes a second POV to inform the reader about… Wait for it… 0.0

That POV was the most worthless, waste-of-text garbage I have ever read in my life!

5) I get angry when… this post goes on forever. *sigh*

This post honestly could go on forever because there is an absolute menagerie of things that piss me off in books. Most of it is just bad story-telling. And this seems to be far more common in YA nowadays than before because publishers and agents don’t want to take a chance on a new story idea. They’re just regurgitating stories that did well in the past.

What’s more, is that the new story is written even WORSE than the original. So, I find myself less and less impressed by novels and more likely to rage quit than before. But maybe it’s just me. (I mean. I know I got anger issues 😝)

So what do you think?
Do you get angry while reading books?

Leave your thoughts below!

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43 thoughts on “{DISCUSSION} Emotional Responses: Anger”

  1. I think all the bad books are finally catching up to you! Here, have some camomile tea. 🍵🍵🍵
    I don’t blame you for being so mad and all RAGE QUIT on these books; I feel mad just by reading your post! Not at you though, at the book. 😆

    I agree with all your points above and just have one more too add – protagonists who are too wallowed in depression for too long to the point they stop driving the plot forward! I mean, sometimes it makes sense for them to feel that way – like they messed up so badly that they accidentally killed thousands of innocent people and end up losing their will to fight – I think it makes a good character development arc. But when it goes on for too long, and they lose too much of their will to the point they were like walking dolls, I just feel like I want to slap them in the face and tell them to buck up! By the time I reach that point, I don’t feel like reading any more. 😅

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    1. Hahahahaha! All the bad books are catching up to me. (Though, I planned this post months ago. :p ) And thank you for the tea! Everyone is giving me lots of tea! 😀 sips burns tongue HOT HOT HOT!

      😂 I love that I can make people angry just by writing about being angry. :p That makes me so happy. Hahahahaha!

      YES! That is my exact problem with Mockingjay. Like, I get it. Katniss had some SEVERE PTSD and was going through a lot of shit and I understand realism would not have her bounce back like a jackrabbit, but… this is fiction. There are certain things that do, unfortunately, have to be fudged when it comes to fiction because (most) people don’t want to read about a character who is depressed the entire story. That’s just not what fiction is for and while I do think mental health needs a place in fiction, it can only really be represented so much before you lose the reader. :/ Hard truths.

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      1. 🍵🍵🍵😆

        Yeah, I agree! Mental health needs a place in fiction, but not so much until it becomes too much to read. There needs to be a balance between good and bad feelings. 🙂

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  2. I don’t so much get angry as pissed off and depressed, for all the reasons you cited plus, I just wasted my time when I could have been doing something else (writing!) AND…how did the offending item even get published?! Especially when produced by a publishing house and not the author independently.

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    1. OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS! ‘How did the offending item even get published?!’ THAT IS WHAT I WANT TO KNOW!!!! I am just AMAZED, absolutely FLABBERGHASTED, that some of these garbage stories, or obvious copies of previously published stories, or just hogwash writing gets published. Like… really?! Do publishers honestly think their readers are this dumb to not notice how BAD it all is? Or are they not worried about it and only care about making it SEEM like the book will be good because that’s what makes the most money?! I don’t know, but it needs to stop! It’s why I write these posts because I’m sick of publishers treating their readers like complete vapid idiots!

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      1. Tearling as in The Fate of the Tearling???? Because i’ve been soooooo disappointed with this one. I’ve written a long and very angry review as I loved the first two books so much and this, this…

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  3. Wow my phone is fuming right now LOL So what makes me angry is very bad editing and tons of inconsistencies. I’m a beta reader and some mistakes can escape but not tons of errors! It’s like the author does not respect the reader. Then meek or doormat girls. I just want to shake them and ask that they grow boobs already! Same if the main character is always complaining. It makes me wang to kick his behind. There is also hesitating constantly between two boys. Just make up your mind!!! And last but not least when whole passages are repeated word for word several times in the book. It happened once and I was disgusted by the author’s poor job.

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    1. OH MY GOSH! YES! Being a writer who utilizes betareaders a lot, I’m always VERY frustrated when writers don’t take the time to edit their own work. Like… seriously? These betareaders are taking time out of their lives to read your work and give you feedback and you don’t even have the decency to EDIT IT?! Ugh. That’s just RUDE!

      I don’t necessarily have issues with the meek girl because I understand there are introverts out there who just do not like confrontation and will roll over to avoid it. However, the key is getting that point across. If you don’t make it clear what is going through the meek girl’s head, THEN you just made her a total doormat, waste of space, unrealistic character for no purpose whatsoever. Bleh!

      The constantly hesitating between two boys thing is just SOOOO overdone. Like… I get that you could be in love with two people, but at the same time. Like… what are the odds of all these characters loving two boys who happened to walk into her life all at once. Like. Nope! I don’t believe them odds. Not one bit. Or worse, when they start to think of their best friend from childhood in another light because of another love interest (whether theirs or their best friends). It’s just like… seriously? You were blind this whole time? >.> It’s one thing to ignore your feelings for said person. It’s another to just not even have them and then one day, out of the blue, your feelings are romantic when yesterday they were platonic. NOT LIKELY!!!! RAWR!

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  4. I get angry because of the actions of the character/s. It just irks me sometimes. I keep telling myself that “it’s just a book” but I’m still angry for some reason. 😆

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    1. Hahahaha! But it’s not just a book. It’s our time we are spending trying to immerse ourselves into another world, another story and then it’s… garbage. >.< We have full right to be frustrated, especially when we spend money on said disappointing book. Rawr!

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  5. Feel better now? Lol!! Things that make me angry are asshole character doing asshole things. When an entire book is blow out of the water with trouble when all they had to do was have a simple conversation and be honest. I mean how hard is that? If you can’t talk to someone and are afraid it was going to hurt them, then why did you do it in the first place? If you need to hide it then you’re probably wrong! Just saying. Also clearly bad decisions used as a plot twist. I get it, humans make mistakes, but when it’s so constant and plainly stupid, then that character isn’t worth my time.
    There! I feel better now too!

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    1. OH MY GOSH! Seriously! Like… ‘why are you not telling the MC this? Give me a reason. ANY reason. You don’t have one? Oh. Well, here goes an entire 400 pages of people being extremely dumb. Great… -.- ‘ I totally feel you on that one. Rawr!

      Totally! I understand that humans are flawed as well and teenagers are generally more so because they haven’t made their mistakes yet, but… honestly. There is only so much stupidity I can take. (Real world and fiction) before I wonder how natural selection hasn’t take its course yet. Ugh!

      Yay!! Hee hee! Ranting is good for cleansing the mind. :p

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  6. oh you had some anger inside of you! 😔 so sorry! reading should be fun and not make you angry!
    fortunately, there was only one book so far, that made me angry, so i can’t really relate! but i hope, that in the future you won’t have that many books that make you angry! 🤗

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    1. Hahahaha! It’s okay. I don’t mind being angry when I read books because the bad books make the good books so much better, you know what I mean? And I don’t mind being angry because I don’t mind calling authors/publishers out on bad writing/bad characters/bad tropes/etc. There is too much ‘well, this is good enough‘ in YA fiction at the moment and being angry allows me to call them out and set them straight. I don’t want them to continue publishing bad books, but I’m also not easily impressed. So… maybe I’m just too critical. :p

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  7. Thanks for sharing your opinion! I have to say that I don’t mind flashbacks if they’re for example at the beginning of a book. But I do get angry when characters contradict themselves, in every instance of Insta-love. When the character I want to die finds a way to live ( mainly GoT). I also get angry when the book isn’t well thought through. I can tell and I hate it. I know there are a ton of authors out there who get their main plot by punlishers and just fill out the blank spots because such and such type of plot makes money. You can tell guys, and you should make up your own story if you want to write a book!

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    1. Ah, do you mean in the place of a prologue? Because I don’t consider that to be a flashback. A flashback in the form of a prologue is not a break in the present action, but a prequel to the action that will take place. Hence, that’s okay in my opinion. (I have so many rules. :p )

      YES! Contradicting themselves is so frustrating! (I just finished a book that did that ALLLLL the time. Rawr!) And I don’t support many versions of love in non-romance stories because it becomes far too prominent and overshadows the main plot. :/

      Not sure I’ve come across pre-packaged plots yet, though. I’d hate to think authors are writing novels to get published (even though I know it happens), but it’s just frustrating because new writers don’t have those options. They have to do everything on their own. It shouldn’t be a ‘foot in the door and you’re gold’ kind of thing. Writers should always come up with their own stories. It’s the only way you’ll be able to make it realistic and genuine and interesting.


    1. Hahahahaha! Thank you for the tea, Tanja. 🙂 I still quite enjoy reading novels that make me angry, but for different reasons. These novels remind me what a bad book/story/writing is. They remind me that you need to work at the craft and they keep me from believing every book is gold. You know? :p

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        1. Seriously! That’s why I took the liberty of opening myself up to DNFing recently. I still haven’t gotten around to counting all my unread books, but I know it’s a lot and I doubt they’re all amazing enough to waste time on. :p

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